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Automobile Components of blow molding

 Automobile industry developing is very fast, there is a lot of components using plastic to replace metals, such as car air pipe, car bumper, car tail and car radiator.

   Let's review below  7 advantage points to understand its after we using plastic to make car accessories,  but not limited

1. Reduce the weight:  The majority of the proportion of metal,  plastic is following 1.7. Than steel (~7.8) and lightweight metal such as aluminum (~2.8), etc..

  In general, the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics in the weight loss effect is more obvious.

2. Chemical resistance : High chemical resistance to plastic parts can resist corrosion, rain and cleaner than the metal material.

3. Save cost : Not only  comparison with unit  component cost, in the cost profit of the system as a whole, plastic parts may help integrate components, reducing the number of parts and assembly process, or in the injection or blow  molding coloring to reduce metal parts of polishing and coloring etc. cost.

4. For the complexity of more complex components: When the components is more complex in design,  plastic parts' manufacturing & cost is more stable..

5. Increase the degree of freedom of design:  plastic parts capable of design and production of complex shape design, a higher degree of freedom, can strengthen the unique brand or product.

6. To reduce the fall of rate: Multiple processes and feed back use will help reduce the reject rate.

7. Acoustic damping - plastic parts to reduce vibration and reduce the noise effectively, make use of the product more quiet and more durable.

  This is why plastic car air pipe, car bumper, car tail and car radiator is more popular in automobile industry field. Using HDPE or ABS to make differend type of automobile cars components since Y2006 of Tandem, you're welcome to contact with us for details.

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