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Blow molding Floating cubes

    As we know, floating cubes has been used to assemble tourist pontoon, water trails, Water Lane, boat dock, water stage, artificial floating island, water leisure platform, water entertainment platform, water huts, water restaurant, water pool, cage culture, water recreation, water apron, water fishing field, water cafe, water landscape garden, water music fountain, water competition platform, water military facilities, water on the golf course, large mechanical construction platform and multifunctional integrated platform, etcs.. Since floating cubes has a lot of advantage points has been understood:

  1. Since added anti-ultraviolet material,  which promoted toughness, hardness, able to withstand the natural environment changes and cold invasion, light weight, buoyancy, resistance to acid and alkali, zero maintenance, combination transform flexible, long life, color bright beautiful, corrosion resistance, antifreeze, anti ultraviolet aging resistance, not affected by seawater, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil stains and water erosion, no pollution, no damage to the environment, the product forming a seamless, no leakage, no deposit of water, and recycling utilization, the product has been widely in domestic and foreign applications. 

2. Floating on the surface has tread design, stable and safe, four corners all arc obtuse angle shape, avoid general cement, wood, iron facilities are often dangerous, for example: slip, broken sawdust, rusty nail stabbed.

3. Floating with high bearing capacity, stable, durable, per square meter of buoyancy can reach more than 375kg. This product by 746c level UL-94HB flame test show that has a good anti weathering and anti impact destruction, in - 60C to less than or equal to 80C temperatures can work normally.

4. Floating can withstand longtime aging, and does not cause maintenance expence, the  manufacturing cost is reasonable and economic.

5. Floating assembly is a simple, rapid and flexible and diverse forms, the overall use of modular structure, can meet the needs of a variety of landscape, rapid replacement of modeling platform, color bright appearance, the shape is beautiful.

6. Pontoon facilities is one stop solution, which the Department of ship bolt and cable pile, anti pool, fence, landing the starboard bridge, reliable berth of various size of the vessel and due to the floating platform the buoyancy characteristics, with the rise and fall of water level and automatic lifting, passengers to get on and off the vessel safety and comfort.

  Welcome to waterland world in your leisure time or vacation.

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